#OperationBabyWilson Update

Things have been a little slow around here as we gear up for IVF. Next month we'll have classes, doctors appointments and clinic bills galore so we're soaking up the little time we have before we jump into this crazy adventure. 

Since deciding to do IVF we've had an overwhelming amount of love and support from friends and family and even people we don't know. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all, its amazing and I know this little baby Wilson will be loved.

After deciding to do IVF there's even more decisions to be made. Our next one was how many fresh cycles we'd like to attempt. Fresh cycles are where they harvest the eggs, inseminate the eggs and make embryos. Almost everyone starts at this point. After making them you can freeze them, if the first cycle doesn't go as planned you can then do a "frozen cycle". 

Last time we checked, earlier this year, my egg supply was about 16, so our doctor is pretty confident in us getting pregnant on one cycle! Which is exciting and scary at the same time. 4 out of 10 couples get pregnant in just one cycle. 

16 may sound like a big number, and it is, because of this high number we have to purchase OHSS insurance. OHSS is Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome - this is caused by too many hormone medications, resulting in your ovaries becoming swollen and painful. This is preventable, as long as you follow instructions, and the doctors monitor you closely. If this were to happen, the cycle would be cancelled and we would have to start all over. 

Another thing is, 16 eggs drop quickly. Of the 16 eggs about 10 of them will be mature enough to fertilize, of the 10 eggs fertilized about 5 will make it to day 5 where they are healthy enough to be implanted. So you think "wow 5 babies?!" - we'll see, you never know if the embryos will attach. Some people implant all of their eggs just to be safe (remember Pheobe in Friends?).

Alec is still doing acupuncture, once a week. Plus taking so many herbal supplements, I couldn't even name them all. I plan to do acupuncture once we start the cycle, I've read that it helps your body produce healthy eggs and then it will also help the little embryo attach!

We have also put together an Instagram Auction - so many awesome creatives, artists, and makers have donated products and services to be auctioned off. Make sure you check it out: @operationbabywilson

Things that have been helping me get through this awkward patch:

  1. I started buying diapers (covering face in shame) .. Buying baby stuff is the hardest thing to resist. ITS SO CUTE! But I know whether we have a boy or girl or twins, we'll need diapers. I've been stocking up whenever Target has a sale and I've found it curves my baby stuff buying craving.
  2. I started keeping a journal. Letter Folk released this beautiful little journal that helps me document little things each day. You can shop it HERE.
  3. I found this documentary, well i've found a few, but this one resonated with me the most. It's not actually a documentary, its a documentary in the making called "One More Shot" they're just finishing it up, but if you watch the trailer I think you'll get the gist. Hopefully they release it soon because it looks SO amazing. PSA: you're going to cry.
  4. Meditation - I use meditation for everything, but you can find plenty of guided meditations to help you cope with infertility and loving your body through the process. As well as manifestation meditations, don't stop imagining your future baby. 
  5. Laugh - in a social media world full of pregnancy announcements, fill your feed with some humor and with some people who are on this journey as well. How To Buy A Baby is a great page for this - @howtobuyababy.

If you're dealing with infertility, find something to help keep you sane. Well as sane as you can, I can promise you all i'm not totally sane right now, but these few things and the love and support from our friends and families have kept me going.

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