When Your Body Goes A-Wall

In the last couple years of seriously tracking my cycles, I have never had one as late as mine currently is.  I know what you're thing - no, I am not pregnant. The doctors and 5+ tests have been sure to crush that little dream. Even though I know the odds of it being positive are below 0.2% I can't help but wish that it would just happen for us.

With most women - before IVF they start you on birth control. Especially if your irregular cycle is part of the problem. However, I have never had this problem - okay well I did, a long time ago, but it was right after I got off birth control. Once I became regular again, it was regular, simple as that. We had planned to start birth control right after my July cycle, this way they could make sure my body was on the exact cycle day they needed it to be before all the hormone medications. 

So now you're wondering: "how late is this chicks cycle?!"

Well, it will be 3 weeks on Thursday. Absolutely unheard of! It's like my body has just stopped. Whatever it was doing it decided it didn't want to anymore. I mean if my cycle was a couple days late I wouldn't be too worried, it happens. But i'm going on WEEKS! 

Last week, I decided to call the doctor and they were just as stunned as me. So they have prescribed me Provera. Its an estrogen like drug that will help induce my period. They told me if my cycle doesn't start by time I finish the prescription, that i'll have to come in for testing to see what's going on. But they also said my cycle should start before I finish them. I have been taking them for a few days now, and still no news. 

I have been able to prepare myself for the hormones of IVF, I knew I'd be crazy and I've warned loved ones. However, I did not prepare for this, and I was not sure how my body would take it. I know, that I react poorly to hormones. Even a low dose of birth control makes me a crazy person, and these little Provera pills have been kicking my trash lately. 

There are so many things that can make your cycle go a-wall. I really think this boils down to the stress of IVF. Everything in my world currently revolves around preparing for this adventure. From the food I prepare and eat every day, to the herbal supplements and budgeting - always budgeting. 

I have felt pretty invincible through this whole process, but now I feel a little shaken. A little unsure, and I hate it! I hate feeling this way. 

I also hate sharing that I don't know, I don't know whats going on, and the doctors don't know what's going on. However, I promised this blog would be real and raw, so here we are - waiting for my June cycle to start in July so that we can start IVF in August. 

Now accepting: prayers, positive vibes, or whatever you do.

Kylee Wilson1 Comment