About Me

Hello! I am Kylee Wilson - married to Alec Wilson. Fur mom to a fluffy dog named Lilly and two cats named Henry and Olive (aka: Mama Cat) and to a new miracle girl, Amelia.

I entered the online world long ago, however I started blogging social media tips and tricks to help my clients successfully navigate and conquer social media! I enjoyed building up companies so much that I launched my own travel and lifestyle blog. You can find out more about SOCIAAL GRID here.

Alec and I love traveling the world together, we have explored London, Amsterdam, all of Switzerland, Iceland and more in between. You can read about our travels, and tips to help fuel your wanderlust here.

Our biggest journey has been #OperationBabyWilson - we started our infertility journey in 2015, we just didn't know it yet. Finally our IVF miracle, Amelia Jo, arrived December 2019.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I have enjoyed doing it. My one goal with my blog is to help someone, help a small business build its online presence, or help a fellow ttc preparing for the ups and downs of IVF. I appreciate your support more than you know - thanks for stopping by!